Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. Announces New Access of Cannabics Oil Capsules for Patients With Medical Cannabis License in Israel

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals executed an IP Licensing and Collaboration Agreement in Israel with Bazelet Pharma for the distribution of the Company’s medical cannabis capsules in Israel through approved medical cannabis growers and in strict compliance with all laws and regulations in Israel.

From October 1, 2015, patients in Israel with a medical cannabis license shall be entitled to receive Cannabics oil capsules. These capsules are offered in two dosages: 1. Hermon-SR 10mg THC   2. Gilboa-SR 9.5mg THC, 0.5mg CBD.

“In recent years, Israel has become a superpower in the field of medical cannabis and we are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the finest cannabis growers in Israel,” said Dr. Eyal Ballan, Chief Scientist of Cannabics.

Last month Cannabics Pharmaceuticals announced that WanaCapsXR  capsules are sold in every region of Colorado. WanaCaps XR is the result of a partnership between Wana Brands from Boulder, Colorado and Cannabics Pharmaceuticals. The two companies decided to expand into more key medical marijuana markets, including Oregon, New York, Washington, Nevada and California.

Since 2012, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals has been developing an integrated treatment for cancer patients through a network of doctors, hospitals, universities and agronomists in Israel. From the first stage when the plant sprouts to extracting active compounds, formulation, diagnostics, administration methods and clinical studies are all under the company’s scope.

About Cannabics Pharmaceuticals:

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the development of advanced cannabinoid-based treatments and therapies. The Company’s main focus is the development of novel therapies and biotechnological tools aimed to providing palliative and anticancer treatments. These advanced tools include novel delivery systems and the discovery of cannabinoid compounds targeted to specific cancers based on cutting edge High Through-output Screening and bioinformatics.

About Bazelet Pharma:

Bazelet Pharma Ltd. Operates one of the world largest licensed Medical Cannbis  logistical centers and packing house managed by the Barak group in Israel, a 1500 Square meters facility that entail all post-harvest activities of the farms, Trimming, Dehydration, Cigarette plant, Extractions plant and Flora packaging all done automatically under pharmacist supervision and with absolute lack of human touch. The Packing house is managed and operated strictly following GMP procedures which is the world standard for pharmaceutical manufacturing and allow tracking of each package to its origin and maintains a secure, echo environment controlled facility, and well document operation log. For more information, visit