Our drug discovery process relies on our continuously evolving preclinical bioinformatics platform that enables us to evaluate and classify the physiological impact of multiple cannabinoid molecules and compounds on various cancer cells.

Utilizing state-of-the-art High Throughput Screening (HTS) and flow cytometry, our platform is capable of testing thousands of compounds, allowing us to rapidly and effectively examine their interactions against a continuously growing library of human cancer cell lines and biopsies.

Our primary research focus is on the development of cannabinoid therapies and other technologies for the treatment of cancer, mainly cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, skin, breast and prostate. Other areas of our research include Alzheimer’s disease, mental health conditions and auto immune diseases.


The protection of our technologies, processes, and know-how is vitally important to our business. We seek to protect our ownership of know-how and trade secrets through an active program of legal mechanism including assignments, confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, research collaborations, and licenses.

Our patent portfolio spans from proprietary antitumor drugs and medicinal preparations, to analytical and novel treatment methods in both conventional medicine as well as tailored personalized medicine.

Up to date the patent portfolio consists of 5 patent families including 4 granted patents and 18 pending applications.




Drug Discovery

Personalized medicine

Precancerous tumors



Our main focus is in preparing and undergoing an FDA route for our Drug Candidates. Our success lies on the regulatory path in which we succeed to prove safety and efficacy of our formulations. Accordingly, each of our drug candidates has a Product Dossier under development, containing obtained experimental data, with emphasis on safety and efficacy.

Upon completion, each of the Product Dossiers is to be presented in pre- IND meetings with the US Food and Drug Administration for review. Our operations are performed under a license of the Israeli Ministry of Health to preform preclinical and clinical research on cannabinoids and cancer.