Dr. Inbar Maymon-Pomeranchik

Independent Board Member

Dr. Maymon-Pomeranchik, 43, is trained as a molecular and genetic researcher holding a PhD from the Hebrew University, and brings nearly 20 years of executive level experience in biotech sciences, with particular expertise in the global medical cannabis industry. Dr. Maymon-Pomeranchik also serves on the boards of several public companies.

Dr. Maymon-Pomeranchik is the founder & CEO of AgChimedes Group Ltd., a company focused on the convergence of science, innovation and investment in the field of food security; she also founded BioDiligence, a biotech investment consultancy; Executive Director of Ananda Developments Pls (UK), an investment and operational firm that targets medicinal cannabis derivatives for research and development; a Director of NRGene (Israel), a company that develops and commercializes cutting-edge AI based genomic tools, and an Advisory Board member of Avida Global Ltd. (UK/Columbia), Avida is a leading licensed producer of pharmaceutical grade cannabis extract for scientific and medical use. Dr. Maymon-Pomeranchik holds a PhD in plants science and molecular biology from the Hebrew University (2008) and a Post Doctorate from the Weizmann Institute (2010).

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